Pan-European University "APEIRON" for multidiscipline and virtual studies is an independent higher education institution, which is based on the principles of public and private partnership. University performs its activities according to the Law on Higher Education, based on the Decision on fullfilling the conditions required to start working, number 07-2-4777/07 from 8/1/2007 and license of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Srpska, number 07.2-9624/07 from 28/12/2007 that issued permission to Pan-European University to work on accredited study programs. The university is registered as an institution of higher education in the register of the Main court in Banja Luka, number U/I 4847/05 from 3/17/2006. Pan-European University is also registered in the higher institution register, number 11/1 by the decision of Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Srpska, number 07.023/600-3919/08, from 06/10/2008. 

Mission of Pan-European University


The mission of Pan-European University is based on an assumption that the societies of Southeast and East Europe are going through the process of changes, reforms, and transition towards a civil and democratic society, which is characterised by the parliamentary pluralism, legal system, the reign of law and market economy with the domination of private property. There is no doubt that the new age needs a new, deeper knowledge, which primarily means a step forward from the existing culture-civilizational environment B&H/RS to a new view of the world and different approach to economics, legal system, health care, dissemination of information, and acquiring of knowledge.