Quality of Life (Banja Luka) 1(1) 61-71

Changes in Mechanical and Rheological Properties of Recycled Thermoplastics

Zoran Janjuš
Gradska Administration Banja Luka, Municipal Police Department, Banja Luka
Predrag Miletić
Univerzitet in Banja Luka, Faculty of Forestry, Banja Luka
Predrag Ilić
Institution Protection, ecology and computer science, Banja Luka

Polymer materials have extremely wide application in various fields of technology and human needs (jobs,food industry, production of various packaging, furniture and household goods, Electrical and electronics, agriculture, chemical, automotive, aerospace and military industry and so on. This paper presents the results of changes in mechanicaland rheological properties of recycled thermoplastics. The purpose is to show the polymer waste as raw material, or otherwise utilizing the material. Specific information will be given the possibility of forming a form to calculate the size observed through cycles of recycling, which may help in further research and analysis.

Key words: recycling, termoplast, properties.

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